MediSeam Oy

Our motivation comes from the aspiration to create the best possible product for situations where only the best, most reliable and safe will do.

Mediseam vacuum mattresses and vacuum splits are used by first response units, military branches, medical and dental professionals and medical academies.

Our protective sheets, curtains and covers range from industrial safety products to tents, insulation from cold and noise, covers for trucks and lorries to safety curtains and folding screens used by welders. Furthermore we provide durable sunscreens and blinds for houses, tents and pavilions.

The quality and longevity of our products is guaranteed by handcrafted production where only the highest grade of raw material is used.

Quality and craftsmanship

Functional reliability of our products is guaranteed by our adherence to European standards.

All vacuum products made by us follow the EN 1865:1999 quality standard.

EN 1865:1999 Standard

Vacuum mattresses and splints

We don’t cut corners when it comes to reliability and functionality. Our products are made to withstand the worst of the fickle Scandinavian weather and our choice of raw materials meet the demands we place on them.

We produce vacuum mattresses and splints for the needs and requirements of first response units, medical and military clients in a variety of models fit for specified environmental demands. Our vacuum mattresses and splints’ materials are also suitable for arctic circumstances.

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Safety covers and curtains

Our safety covers and curtains are made to endure the toils of hard work. In general, our selection is available with a UV-safe finish and comes in fire retardant PVC-fabric suitable for variable conditions found in industrial and storage use.

Our covers are handmade from high quality materials for environments where a product’s durability and functionality are essential.

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