Our machinery consists of a variety of seaming machines, high frequency seaming and ultrasound seaming machines, cutters and stance machines.


We use seaming techniques to manufacture products from compound and plastic materials to a range of purposes. Depending on your needs our products can be, for example airtight or waterproof. Whatever your need we can handle it quickly and with a quality finish. Feel free to contact us and ask for more specifications.

Custom products

Versatile machinery and our expertise are at your disposal! We provide our excellence in all forms of work regarding compound and plastic fabrics.

For example:

  • Different advertisement surfaces
  • Tent fabrics
  • Your product parts from PVC –fabric


  • Cutting of fabrics’ and soft materials’ to required dimensions and shapes
  • Needlework, i.e. advertisements and needling and manufacturing of straps and laces, custom products’ needling
  • Foamed plastics’ cutting
  • Leather and imitation leather cutting
  • Ultrasonic sealing
  • High frequency seaming
  • Waterproof and air-tight product manufacturing
  • Vacuum product manufacturing
  • Hospital and medical care product manufacturing (i.e. different stuffing, pillows, mattresses, fabrics)
  • Safety cover manufacturing
  • Custom safety screen manufacturing
  • PVC -fabric repair works
  • Waterproof fabric seaming
  • Seaming of different valves into fabrics
  • Cutting stickers to custom dimensions
  • Inlet fabric manufacturing
  • Safety and inlet screen manufacturing for different assembly lines

Stance cutters

Brand Additional information Cutting table
Atom Semi-automatic stance 60 x 55 cm
USM Swivel head stance 60 x 55 cm
Lllig Roller stance max. width 90 cm
Conter Bar stance with automated transfer 204 x 85 cm

Fabric and plastic cutters

Brand Additional information Cutting capacity
Self-made Wide rolling cutter with automated cutting and splitting max. width 250 cm
Polygraph Bundle/paper cutter max. width 100 cm
Schwalbach Roller cutter with automated cutting and splitting max. width 140 cm

High frequency seaming machines

Brand Additional information Seaming table
Radyne Metric seaming machine, with automated pulling and cutting 157 x 91 cm
Fiab 3003 L, table machine to seam reinforcements and attachements 45 x 100 cm
Fiab 16004L, dual-sided semi-automatic machine for shape/object seaming 2 pcs 130 x 73 cm
Colbitt Valves seaming machine 43 x 79 cm
Colbitt Small bar seaming table machine 43 x 79 cm
Colbitt Large bar seaming table machine 60 x 140 cm
Fiab Movable table seaming machine 12 kW 9500 x 95 cm

Ultrasonic seaming machines

Additional information
Pfaff Seamsonic  8310-003/007, table machine with a seaming roller blade
Nucleus Rotosonic V4E, table machine with a cutting seaming blade
Rinco Ultrasonic PCS GM35, pressing welding machine for seaming breathing valves
Reece 2 pcs Series 72, seaming press machine

Needling machines

Brand  Additional information
Mitsubishi Programmable semi-automatic 3-pass needling machine
Consew Ribbon needling machine
Dürkopp Stitch needling machine

Other machinery

Brand Additional information
Self-made Automated pellet filling machine
RIWI Reinforcement and sail ring press
Gartex Snap fastener and sail ring press
Self-made Hydraulic press for large reinforcements and attachment rings
WSK Foil printing machine for PVC -fabric’s serial and identification numbers