Rails and attachements

Attachements for indoor screens.

Rail C-100

Product number 21.000
Galvanized steal rail.

Storage length 6,0 m.

Arch 100/90/650

Product number 21.C06
Rail’s curvature 90°
Radius 650 mm

Extention piece 100

Product number 21.B49

Wall Support 100

Product number 21.B01
Installed between 700 mm

Ceiling bracket 100

Product number 21.B02
Installed between 750 mm.

Hanging support bracket 100

Product number 21.B04

Stopper 100

Product number 21.X01

Slider 131

Product number 131
Plastic slider for attaching screens and curtains.
Capacity 8 kg

Slider 131T

Product number 131T
Steel slider for attaching.
Capacity 30 kg.

Slider 132

Product number 132
Plastic front slider for attaching screens and curtains.
Capacity 12 kg.

Slider 132T

Product number 132T.
Steel front slider for heavy screens and curtains.
Capacity 30 kg.

S-hook 37

Product number S482
Steel S-hook.
Suitable for sliders 131,132, 131K,132K, 131T ja 23.R31