Insulation curtains

Our insulation curtains are made to insulate either heat or sound.

In most acoustic insulation the goal is to restrict the noise generated from machinery and production. Isolating the source of harmful noise significantly improves the quality and comfort of a work environment.

Our frost and heat curtain solutions can be used to divide, enlarge or shrink the thermally controlled areas inside a transport. A good solution that goes a long way to save on transport costs and enhance the longevity of transportable products.

Acoustic screen

The principle of acoustic insulation:

On the noise side, the PVC –net allows noise to pass through the acoustic insulation into the outer layer of the PVC –fabric from where it rebounds back into the insulation to be absorbed. The functional acoustic insulation sums up into a decrease of 30 to 50 db.

Acoustic insulation screens are made from thick fire retardant M2/P1 –class PVC fabric in unison with a PVC net and an acoustic screen with a thickness of 20 to 50mm. Thicker acoustic screens are available on request.

Product options

Acoustic curtain

Curtain consists of 400 mm wide vertical panels allowing it to be set aside, taking minimal space, when necessary. 12mm sailing rings for attachment. Installed into a C-rail.

Acoustic panel

Panel is a movable straight sheet. Comes with 12 mm sail rings every 400 mm on the upper edge. Every panel is attached to its own track.

Foldable acoustic screen

A 250 x 200 cm insulation curtain which is attached to a frame. A functional, mobile solution to temporary acoustic interference. Delivery package consists of a screen and a frame with wheels as an additional option.

Acoustic insulation element

The element is installed to wall post attached to the floor between 130 cm’s. Height 230 cm. Delivery comes with upper support and attachment loops – wall posts available as an additional option.

Frost screen

  • Foldable screen to insulate cold space.
  • 40 mm frost insulation laminated between two fabrics
  • Installed to a C –rail (cf. track system) or with a gas fixture between floor and roof.
  • 100 % recyclable.